Soul Inside

In Poetry on June 27, 2012 at 6:12 am

Art by

                                                Soul Inside

By Faisal Ansari for Priscilla  C.

Ms. Green eyes

She recognized my soul inside

Reading my life from thirty four back to five

I sense your beauty-

-She gave me a gift

Daring to hold me

No longer adrift

Not fearing my disconnection

-only sensing a hidden absolution

How did you know?

She said, I know, I know,

You were searching

for soul inside.

I’m not here- I’m only a reflection

You’re so sincere

Now try and be near-



-be near

But I only feared for her

That she may be hurt and lose her way in my tunnel of despair

Torn wide and open she cast it back to the Fire within

Your almost there sweet one

Your almost there

I’m not absolutely sure, I’m here,

Nor there

I’m still running

Surrounded by angels and demons

Her vision was clear

Please don’t fear

Please don’t fear

Salam (peace) be with you

Far and near

I’ll see you under the locust tree

Dressed in white we’ll be

we shall be

She recognized me

I can’t tell how or why

In her eyes

I met my soul inside

Sitting on an abandoned staircase beneath a purple sky

He greeted me as I climbed-

– Do you know me?

I said I don’t know-

I’m your soul inside-

don’t you recognize?

Like a rainbow

Stretching far and wide

Take my hand

It’s time to fly

I love you- I love you

Soul Inside.

copyright © 2012 Faisal Ansari

  1. Very powerful

  2. Beautiful Faisal… Truly beautiful.

  3. Faisal, this is good. My only input would be to check your grammar (your, you’re) and tinker a bit more with format. Each line creates a break or pause and I personally would find it a bit more compelling with different line breaks. One example being:

    “Please don’t fear
    Please don’t fear”


    “Please don’t fear.


    Don’t fear.”

    Something to that effect. I know it is a strange and minor thing but that is one of the beauties of poetry; there is no CORRECT format. Essentially, if it is for public consumption as opposed to simply being self-expression, it’s your job to push and hold the eye of the reader where you want the emphasis.
    Overall, it is a beautiful piece that feels warm and magikal.

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