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A Stranger On The Road

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I stumbled onto a galaxy that just began to sparkle in a purple, bluey, orangy haze

like a stranger hiding his face behind watery yesterdays

I went walking down a path lit by golden rays

flickering into my soul the rays  burned my black heart into silvery white- Immortal affrays –

-Infinite my eyes were agazed by the Creators maze

I fell fell fell deeper into this maze and there he was Hendrix picking about the purple haze

“Are you experienced?” he asked me – I said, ask me that a little bit later Mr. Jimmy ablaze

and I kept on space-walkin and met a light named Dylan who kept on singin about the

universe explodin,

He kept on singin and pickin-“I’m just goin down the road feelin bad trying to  heaven before they close the doors.” I said save me a seat when you get there Mr. Dylan cuz I wasn’t  the only villain that a they was a killin-

Ahh – “you’re time star acrobat!” So I put on my straw hat and went deeper down the slippery spacy glassy road slipping and sliding, sipping and smokin- smokin and sippin-

I went lookin for the one who molded my hearts soul by His incantations  written in an ancient scroll housed in the  sacred tree in a land called Galilee-

You don’t fool me man – I got a thousand years of hurt on my hand – So I’ll just rolly roll on down to that pearly sea in old Galilee –

Where a man disguised as the yellow sun – said he’s got everyone out done  by a smile and a verse he rehearsed fables with God and  made ancient miracles-

– “beware of the serpent oh yee stranger on the glassy road to danger, “-

I said “Don’t you worry-  I  ain’t no agent of hurry- So I said farelly well – hopefully no visiting a land called hell.

—Hey it’s that picker again! He’s six stringin about some Southern green eyed bell who fell straight from hell into his lap -she scratched that sorry sap, leaving him wearing some yellow death cap that read L.O.V.E. and she stung him like a beastly bee-

See ya Mr. Dylan I ain’t hanging around for another killin –

Where is she ? where is she ? He kept on singin-

But I took back to the galaxy path that kept on pressin with glittery  words of the young and smitten- “We don’t no about transcendence!” The youngin keep on runnin n runnin.


Time to draw back to a earthly time with a new rhyme – I’m going to buy a soda at the five n dime- Oooh baby baby- “She wore a raspberry beret!” whispered a short little leathery man – I said ok ok, which way???

Prince told me that she’d gone gone deep astray – Story of my life brother – I’ll see you again when the oceans turn grey- So I kept on a rollin down that ancient glassy road strollin, consolin my heart from the bruisin- He said, man just keep on cruisin!

See ya! We out of this redoubt! the music kept hummin grummin until I reached a place called Holly glitz and glamour who doa whoodda Hollywooda-

I stopped dead in my tracks – taking out a written pack of stories about a girl named black, she lived in Echo Park and took off one day with a nap sack,  playing nick knack patty wack!

I’m here to make my mark! – get out of my way and let me spark a write about a boy  who lived in the dark – he only came out as a hand reached in to lead him to the safety of the arc –

Is this the city of neon lights ? She said yes – Go on – you’re a welcome in the spotlights-

I think I’ll take a seat inside the Grauhman Chinese missy missy! – thanks for the comfort of your warm and loving kiss wissy.

Go ! Go  ! Go! You got this !

So I said ok farelly well – wait for me  by the golden well ?

She smiled so swell- She ain’t no infidel!

She blew me a kiss and I said be right back with Mr. Golden Oscar missy miss!

By Faisal Ansari – 12-24-2016